“Trust this Computer” prompt on your iOS devices

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When you first connect your personal device to your Launchpad, you may notice a “Trust this Computer” window will pop up. This prompt helps GroundControl pair with DEP devices, externally-supervised devices, passcode-locked devices, and unsupervised devices (your personal device).


When should I expect to see the Trust prompt?

For personal unsupervised devices, your device must be unlocked and on the home screen. For DEP and externally-supervised devices, the same applies, but pairing must have been allowed during the initial configuration in order for the prompt to appear.

When should I expect to not be prompted?

Once you “trust” a device, the Launchpad will pair with the device and remember the relationship even after disconnecting and reconnecting the device. To clear this pairing relationship, you’ll need to reset your Launchpad.

You will not see a “trust” prompt when you connect GroundControl supervised devices to your Launchpad, as trust has already been established during GC supervision. The prompt is also not visible if your externally-supervised or DEP devices were initially configured without pairing allowed.

What happens if a user taps “Don’t Trust”?

If you select “Don’t Trust” on your personal device or externally-supervised device, you will see a “not paired” status on your Launchpad. You can reconnect these devices to see the prompt again if you’ve changed your mind.  Unpaired devices cannot be erased or updated.

Will this erase my personal data?

To avoid accidentally erasing your personal device, we’ve added an extra safety in the “Erase” workflow action. To erase an unsupervised device, you have to (1) tap “Trust” and (2) change the setting in the Erase workflow.

What actions can I perform on devices that have been “trusted”?

With GC 3.1 and later, you will be able to erase and/or update the iOS on your devices. Because we’ve established trust with your device, you can even update devices without erasing them.

What are externally-supervised devices?

These are devices supervised by another entity: Apple Configurator or those configured by a different organizations from within GroundControl. For example, if your organization has separate instances in GroundControl for subsidiaries or divisions, you’ll be able to pair your devices between the different Launchpads if pairing is allowed during GroundControl supervision.