Supervision Options

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When supervising an erased device with GroundControl, users can set 2 options:

  1. Allow/disallow pairing to other hosts
  2. Show/skip setup screens

To configure these options, go to the workflow edit screen and select Options under the Supervise action. When an action that requires supervision is added to a workflow (Set Name, for example) the supervision action will also be added automatically to the workflow.

By default, GroundControl does not allow pairing to other hosts. If you want your devices to be able to pair with other hosts, use radio buttons to change preferences. This will allow iTunes to connect, for example.


Show/Skip Setup Screens

The Show/Skip setup screens feature is designed to let you determine which set up screens to show or skip when deploying to an erased device.   If Language and Locale are not shown, language will default to English and locale to U.S.

This feature is sensitive to device type, iOS and other conditions. For more information please see this knowledge base article.