Launchpad Details

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The Launchpad Detail page displays a single Launchpad and all connected devices. This view is very similar to the view with the Launchpad application itself. However the admin console offers additional power and control.

Launchpad Details

The Launchpad Detail will display the Launchpad Name, a status (Connected or Disconnected), and the Launchpad version with build number. Click the version to display additional details.

Below the Launchpad version, on the left, you will see:

On the right side you will see a list of Launchpad Attributes and their values for this Launchpad. By default these also display, and may be modified, on the Launchpad itself. You may make these read-only for non-admin users in Admin > Launchpads.

Launchpad Icons

The Launchpad will display a heartbeat icon for Launchpad Monitoring if enabled. Also, if Launchpad Options (below) have been changed from the defaults, a settings icon will be displayed.

Launchpad Actions


Deploy to All Devices Deploy a workflow to all devices connected to this Launchpad. This command will first allow you to choose the workflow to deploy.
Warm iOS Cache Perform a check to make sure all Apple IPSW files have been downloaded to the Launchpad’s local asset cache. The Launchpad examines the list of device models that have connected in the last 30 days to determine which IPSW files to download. This feature is performed automatically if iOS Update Delay is enabled.
Upgrade Launchpad Upgrade the Launchpad software to the latest version available. This is command is useful if Automatic Launchpad Upgrades is disabled. The Launchpad will upgrade as soon as all running deployments have completed. This command is disabled if the Launchpad is already running the most recent version.
Clear Asset Cache Delete all files from the Launchpad’s local asset cache. They will be downloaded again as needed.
Restart Launchpad Attempt to restart the Launchpad app on this Mac or Windows PC. You may optionally wait until all running deployments have finished.
Delete Launchpad Remove the Launchpad from the Launchpad List and force the Launchpad application to unregister.
Options Open the Launchpad Options dialog to adjust additional features. See below.
Launchpad Options

The Launchpad Options dialog allows you to change additional options.

  • Name — Rename Launchpads using this field.
  • Monitored Mode — Enable or disable Launchpad Monitoring.
  • Suppress Blue LED — When using Smart Hubs, a blue LED usually means a device is busy. This color change may be confusing for some Checkout customers. Enable this feature if you wish to suppress the color change.
  • Support Datamation UniLock — This feature will enable support for the electronic latches found in this specific USB hub.
  • Log Level — Increase the logging level when troubleshooting Launchpad issues, or when instructed by GroundControl Support.
  • Custom Launchpad Options — When instructed by GroundControl Support, you may add custom options here to change the Launchpad default behavior.
Device List

Each connected device is listed in its own row. You may customize the columns in Admin > Launchpads.

Device Actions

At the end of a device row is an “Actions” menu. This allows you to perform several actions on a single device:

  • Deploy a workflow
  • View the Device Details, including shortcuts for the Attributes, Activity and Console tabs.