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Automatic Upgrades

From the Admin page, Console Admins can enable (or disable) automatic upgrades for registered Launchpads. As a default, your organization will have automatic upgrades enabled, keeping all of your Launchpads up-to-date as releases are made available.

When this setting is enabled, even offline Launchpads will be upgraded automatically to the latest version of GroundControl once they’re connected and running.

Keep in mind the first time the automatic Launchpad upgrades is enabled, any connected Launchpads will be immediately upgraded. And while we highly encourage keeping your Launchpads up-to-date, you have the option to disable automatic upgrades anytime.

Also, in order for upgrades to work as expected on Macs, the GroundControl Launchpad software should be running from the Applications folder.

Enable Smart Hub Features

Enabling Smart Hub Features also lives in the Admin tab > Launchpads of the GroundControl server. This setting allows for your Launchpad to display USB port number, charging rate, and control status LEDs on supported hardwares. You can find more more information regarding this in our About Smart Hub Services article.

Launchpad Monitoring (PRO only)

For instructions on how to get started, check out the Launchpad Monitoring article.

Clear Passcode via MDM

When enabled, this feature will automatically clear a device passcode via MDM, if pairing isn’t working. This feature helps if you are using passcodes and multiple Launchpads. This feature is available only for AirWatch at this time, and will only be visible if AirWatch is configured with API Integration.

Erase and update all unpaired devices

This option will quickly wipe devices. In most situations, it will not be needed. Please use only in restricted environments, like logistics centers.

Custom Launchpad Options

Please contact us at for questions regarding this feature.