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The Admin > Launchpads page allows Console Admins to manage settings for your Launchpads.

Automatic Upgrades

Configure automatic upgrades for registered Launchpads. By default, your organization will have automatic upgrades enabled, keeping all of your Launchpads up to date as releases are made available.

  • For production use, Imprivata recommends that you switch the setting to OFF.
    • This allows you to more carefully manage your workstations, and test new Launchpad releases.
    • You can manually update one or more Launchpads using the Launchpads List or Launchpad Detail pages.
  • When automatic upgrades are enabled, even offline Launchpads will be upgraded automatically to the latest version of GroundControl when they’re connected and running.
  • Automatic upgrades of Launchpads requires that the local Mac user be a macOS local admin, or the must be installed in a directory the local user has full file permissions over.
Smart Hub Features

This setting allows for your Launchpad to display USB port number, charging rate, and control status LEDs on supported hardware. For more information, see About Smart Hub Services.

Device Passcode Management

Apple devices will not fully connect to GroundControl when they are locked with a passcode. GroundControl has a critical feature to clear passcodes — using MDM commands — when devices are not pairing.

  • The dialog displays any MDM Server you have configured with API integration. Select the server(s) that will be used for your device enrollment.
  • GroundControl will clear passcodes only from devices managed by GroundControl. Those are devices with a device status of Active or Retired.
  • Whether the server sends a clear passcode command or not, the Launchpad will attempt to pair with devices for up to 5 minutes.
  • If still unpaired after 5 minutes, GroundControl may automate force recovery — erasing and updating devices. This is helpful for Wi-Fi-only devices that are password-locked and have not been unlocked since their last reboot.
Launchpad Monitoring

Launchpad Monitoring is recommended for production Launchpads in use 24×7. For instructions on how to get started, see the Launchpad Monitoring article.

Launchpad Display

You may customize which columns are displayed on the Launchpad app and the Launchpad Details page.

Custom Launchpad Options

Contact us at for questions regarding this feature.