The Locker App

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GroundControl locks devices using its Imprivata Locker app, available for iOS and Android devices.

Configure an Emergency Unlock PIN

What happens when someone accidentally unplugged a cable, or the network is offline? At some point you may need to unlock a device when GroundControl is not available. The Imprivata Locker app includes a feature to unlock phones in case of emergencies.

BEST PRACTICE: While Emergency Unlock PIN is an optional feature and is not a requirement, Imprivata strongly recommends using an Emergency Unlock PIN with your devices.

The In addition to marking the devices as Overdue, enable Lost Mode and send email for overdue devicesGroundControl supports Lost Mode with the following MDMs. is configured via AppConfig in your MDM server.

  • PIN entry requires no GroundControl access and no network access to unlock the device.
  • The Emergency Unlock PIN may be any number between 4 and 8 digits.
  • You can change the Emergency Unlock PIN as often as you like.
  • You can assign different Unlock PINs to different groups of devices, using AppConfig features on your MDM server.

Once set up, unlocking a phone is easy.

  1. Unplug one of the locked devices from USB.
  2. Tap the padlock icon to display the numeric keypad.
  3. Enter the Emergency Unlock PIN.

iOS Example

Android Example

When the device has been unlocked in this way, GroundControl records the device was “Unlocked by PIN,” but does not know the identity of the user.

Like passwords, we recommend that you change the Unlock PIN regularly.

On successful unlock, GroundControl can automate a Workflow. The automation must use the trigger Unlocked via PIN Unlock, and the Workflow uses the Workflow model “Over the Air.”

AppConfig Options

Like any well-mannered app, Imprivata Locker supports AppConfig.