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The Dashboard displays a summary of the GroundControl system, including all Launchpads and Devices, with each health metric in its own section. It includes a summary of unhealthy items out of the total items. This allows administrators to view the overall health of Launchpads and Devices and determine which unhealthy devices require attention. The Dashboard displays the current health status, … Read More

Shared iPhones with Face ID

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Shared devices are good, but shared passcodes are bad. So if you have shared iPhones, how can you protect them safely? Imprivata GroundControl allows your shared devices to be protected by unique, personal passcodes. Our system automatically prompts users to create passcodes on check out, and clears the passcode when devices are checked in at the end of a shift. ... Read More

Apple Silicon Mac M1 Mini Support Update

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GroundControl Launchpad 5.0+ fully supports Apple M1 Apple Silicon Macs. However, we found an issue that may impact these systems. Known Issue When attaching many iOS devices at once to an M1 Mac — for example when a USB hub is power cycled or unplugged and replugged — some iOS devices may not connect to GroundControl. Corresponding LEDs with devices … Read More

GroundControl Compatibility with iOS 15

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Preparing for iOS 15 Launchpad: We have tested iOS 15 with GroundControl Launchpad version 5.0 and later and have not yet found any changes that would require a Launchpad update. We have not tested with earlier versions of Launchpad, we encourage you to test your existing workflows with iOS 15! Server: Hide the new Magnifier app and set it up … Read More

Force recovery mode for unpaired devices via Launchpad Details

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GroundControl can manage passcode locked devices by clearing the device’s passcode over-the-air via MDM, an action that requires Wi-Fi connectivity on the device. In the event a passcode-locked device no longer has active connectivity, for example after a reboot, these devices can become unpaired and recovery mode is required to remove the passcode. GroundControl can force recovery workflows via the … Read More

Validate Apps with AutoFill Discovery

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Imprivata AutoFill Discovery, now available on the App Store, allows you to validate if your applications natively support iOS’s Password AutoFill framework. Your production devices will not need this application, this tool is intended for you to test if third party apps deployed to your users support Password AutoFill. To get started: Download AutoFill Discovery on a test device via the … Read More

Upgrade from GroundControl Locker 2 to Imprivata Locker 3

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Overview NOTE: Imprivata encourages all customers to upgrade to Imprivata Locker 3, even if you do not use Password AutoFill. Imprivata ended support of GroundControl Locker 2 in January, 2022. Imprivata GroundControl includes a completely rewritten Locker app for iOS, with a new, modern UI. Most importantly, when paired with Imprivata OneSign’s access management system, Imprivata Locker for iOS can ... Read More

Enterprise Password AutoFill FAQ

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What is Enterprise Password AutoFill? Imprivata GroundControl Check Out is integrated with Imprivata OneSign to support Password AutoFill for iOS applications and web sites. After checking out an iPhone to a user, the system will make a user’s credentials available to them when needed through Apple’s Password AutoFill framework. For most apps, users will tap the Passwords button above the … Read More

About Apple Mobile Device Driver on Windows

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Apple Mobile Device is the driver installed on every Windows PC that allows Windows to recognize iOS devices. Like almost all software, the driver is periodically updated. Imprivata Support may ask you to report the condition and version of the Apple Mobile Device driver on your PC. Here are instructions for that operation. Finding driver warnings 1. Connect an iOS … Read More

About Password AutoFill

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This page is intended for software developers and is a companion to iOS App Logout via Universal Link Callback. Introduction Password AutoFill is a powerful way to reduce password fatigue on dedicated devices. Password AutoFill also works on shared devices when using an appropriate 3rd party password manager. Although usually used to link website passwords to app passwords, you don't ... Read More