DEP devices and “Manage with GroundControl”

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GroundControl requires that DEP devices must use DEP workflows.

If you see the following failures:

  • Failed: The device is registered for DEP. Please use one of GroundControl’s DEP workflows instead.
  • Failed: The device is not enrolled in DEP. It cannot be used with this workflow.

there are options to try.

Option 1: Use the DEP portal to remove the device from your MDM server

If you have access to your company’s DEP portal, and have only a few devices in DEP, this is the simplest solution.

  1. Log into and enter the DEP web app.
  2. Search for the device serial number.
  3. Set the device to use no MDM server. This will keep the device in DEP but will skip DEP registration when activating the device.

Option 2: Use MDM to remove the device from an activation profile

This option is possible on certain MDM systems, such as AirWatch and MobileIron.

Log into your MDM server, find the DEP section, and “Unassign Profile” for the device.

Option 3: Change your Workflow model to “Manage with DEP”

In edit mode, you’ll be able to update your Workflows and switch to a DEP Workflow model. For this to work, all of your devices must be in DEP.

If you upload our supervision identity into your MDM’s DEP profile, you can perform every action that you could with the legacy “Manage with GroundControl” model, including restoring from a backup.