Wait for App Installation

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At the end of a deployment, GroundControl can wait for a specified app to be installed on a device. This action applies to pre-installed apps, Enterprise Apps and ones downloaded via MDM. If the app is being downloaded from MDM, you can set the criteria for how long to wait for the app to install. If using an Enterprise App, make … Read More

On Failure

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The workflow action in Advanced > On Failure allows you to specify what happens if a workflow fails for any reason. First, you can have GroundControl automatically retry the workflow up to 10 times. And if the workflow is still failing, you can specify an alternate workflow to run instead. We recommend adding On Failure, with only the “Retry” box … Read More

Add Files

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You may use GroundControl to add files directly into certain apps. This feature is available on request from GroundControl Support. Only apps which support iTunes file sharing may receive files. You can check your apps by opening iTunes, selecting the device, then clicking on the “File Sharing” section. iTunes is also helpful so you can understand the file structure expected by an app. Apps … Read More

Send E-mail

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This workflow allows you to send email notifications before or after deployments. This can be helpful to tell you when and why deployments fail. Multiple recipients may be included by using commas to separate them.

Self Heal

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With the Self Heal feature, you can enable the time-tested technique of “wipe and re-image” for your iOS devices. If a device is acting up, the user simply flips a switch on their iPhone, to mark the phone as “Unhealthy.” On the next connection to a charging station, GroundControl takes over, re-provisioning the device as new. Self Healing means your ... Read More

Set Attribute

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This Advanced action allows you to set device Attributes if the Workflow was a success. Set Attribute can be useful for single-use Workflows, copying Launchpad attributes to device attributes, and more.

Set Restrictions

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While you can set restrictions with your MDM, GroundControl also provides the same function. Please note that iOS devices will combine multiple restriction sets in the most restrictive way. So, while you can always add restrictions, you cannot use this system to remove them.

Lock to App

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GroundControl can put your device in Single App Mode (also sometimes known as Kiosk mode). This action restricts your device to one specific app and it be configured using built-in apps, Enterprise Apps and ones downloaded via MDM. If the app is being downloaded from MDM, the Launchpad will wait some time (default 5 minutes) for the download to complete. If using … Read More

Wait for Battery Level

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This action allows you to wait until a device reaches a desired battery level before a deployment begins. This can be especially useful during iOS Updating, which may fail if a device’s battery level is too low.