On Failure

Created: Modified: Workflow Actions

The workflow action in Advanced > On Failure allows you to specify what happens if a workflow fails for any reason. First, you can have GroundControl automatically retry the workflow up to 10 times. And if the workflow is still failing, you can specify an alternate workflow to run instead.

We recommend adding On Failure, with only the “Retry” box checked, to most workflows. It’s a little extra automation to help your users be more successful.

Activity Display

If multiple attempts are required, GroundControl 4.9+ displays multiple “On Failure” attempts as a single activity. The activity log will display the number of attempts in parentheses.

If you click on the activity to open the Deployment Details, you will see details for each attempt in its own tab.

GroundControl’s API and Activity Export continue to show each attempt as a separate record.