Set Timezone

Created: Modified: Workflow Actions

The Set Timezone Workflow action allows you tell devices to turn off “Set Timezone Automatically” and set a static timezone. This is especially useful if devices are provisioned in one location but shipped to other timezones.

Previously, Set Timezone required Restoring from a backup. While this is no longer a requirement, you will need to start off with an erased device in order for this action to take effect.

Please note: Cellular devices have their own mechanism for setting their timezone, so this is effective for WiFi-Only devices only.

Note: If restoring from a backup, the “Set Automatically” option in your restore image will override the timezone — we recommend you to turn Set Automatically OFF when making your backup.

Instead of a static timezone such as America/New_York, you may use an attribute to look up data from a device or launchpad custom attribute. In this way, a single Workflow may set personalized timezones on each device.

Please refer to this long list of supported timezones. If the timezone is unrecognized, the device will be set to UTC.